How does UltimateVision work?

UltimateVision is a software which captures a small part of your screen to create a zoom and/or reverse color mode effect on it. UltimateVision is working like any other Overlay software (Nvidia Shadowplay, Discord, Teamspeak etc.) and is not interfering with the game or its files.


Can I get banned for using UltimateVision?

Since UltimateVision is offering you an advantage over other players in-game, most game developers would not want players to use it in their game. However, since UltimateVision isn’t working like a cheat but is just a simple overlay, the chances that you get banned are very low. Game developers and Anti-Cheat providers are scanning for software which accesses and manipulate game files (cheats), but usually not for simple screen overlays. That being said, you are responsible for your account and no one else.


How do I set up UltimateVision?

Simply buy a package on our website. After you finished your payment, you’ll automatically receive an email with your User ID and the UltimateVision download link. Download the software, copy/paste your user ID and that’s it. You are now ready to go. Make sure to launch the game first, before pressing “Run” on the UltimateVision screen.


Windows gives an alert that UltimateVision might harm my PC, what does that mean?

UltimateVision doesn’t contain any viruses, trojans or anything which could harm your PC. The software download is directly hosted on our own server. Windows gives an alert for software which has no “signed signature” (which the software doesn’t need to run on your PC). You can simply ignore this message.