How does UltimateVision work?

UltimateVision is a gaming software/overlay which uses your game window and monitor to get you an advantage over enemy players. UltimateVision is working like any other overlay software (Nvidia Shadowplay, Discord, Teamspeak etc.) and is not interfering with the game, the games memory or its files in any way.

In which Games am I able to use UltimateVision?

Basically in any game as long as it runs on Windows and you are able to put the game in Windowed or Windowed fullscreen mode. However, we aren’t able to test out UltimateVision in ALL games released worldwide, so there might be limitations we don’t know of.

Can I get banned for using UltimateVision?

Since UltimateVision is offering you an advantage over other players in-game, most game developers would not want players to use it in their game. However, since UltimateVision isn’t working like a cheat but is just a simple overlay, the chances that you get banned are quite low. Game developers and Anti-Cheat providers are scanning for software which accesses and manipulate game files or the games memory, but usually not for simple screen overlays. That being said, you are responsible for your account and no one else.

Is this undetected on ANY AntiCheat?

Most likely not. We tested UltimateVision in a wide range of different games with great success but that obviously doesn’t mean it must be and stay undetected on all Anti Cheats out there. It’s simply not possible for us to test UltimateVision in every game, on every AntiCheat this world has to offer. If you want to be sure about a certain game or AntiCheat then you will have to test yourself.

Do you offer refunds in case I get banned or don’t wanna use it anymore?

No, we don’t. Your account is your responsibility. We do our best to keep UltimateVision as secure as possible. Bans are very unlikely but can happen in rare cases. We are developers and no magicans which can predict the future. We also don’t offer refunds for used UserID keys.

How do I set up UltimateVision?

Simply choose a pricing option on our website, enter a valid email address and that’s it. After you finished your payment you’ll automatically receive an email with your UserID key and the UltimateVision download link. Download the software, copy/paste your user ID and you are ready to go. Make sure to launch the game first, before pressing “Run” on the UltimateVision screen while having your game in Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen mode.

Windows shows an alert that UltimateVision might harm my PC, what does that mean?

UltimateVision doesn’t contain any viruses, trojans or anything which could harm your PC. The software download is directly hosted on our own server. Windows gives an alert for software which has no “signed signature” (which the software doesn’t need to run on your PC). You can simply ignore this message. In rare cases you will need to add an Anti-virus exclusion for the UltimateVision.exe in order to run it on your PC.

Can I activate UltimateVision on multiple PCs?

No, you can’t. Our software is HWID locked and bound to the PC you first enter your UserID key on. If you switch hardware, change your PC or whatever makes your key become invalid you can request a UserID key reset via our support.

What payment methods do you offer?

PayPal, credit card (via Stripe) and crypto currency (such as BTC etc.). There are no exceptions made for other payment options. We won’t accept steam wallet codes, amazon gift cards, skins or any other payment method which isn’t listed in the first sentence. Please don’t ask.

What happens if I need help?

Beside our great tutorials you will receive via email after purchase we also got a friendly and fast Discord support. The UltimateVision Discord server will be linked in your product email. You can directly talk to our support and even to the developers of the software.